RescueMeUSB: The ULTIMATE Rescue USB stick!

What if ...
  • your PC/Laptop crashed ... with your important data (i.e., family photos, music, videos, resumes, tax returns, term papers, or other important data)? Want to get your data off without paying tons of money to an expensive Data Recovery company?
  • you need to move your data from an old PC to a new one? (Windows™, Linux®, or Mac®)
  • your Laptop/Netbook doesn't have a CD/DVD drive and you want try a different operating system on it?
  • you want to protect yourself from identity theft while using a pc at a cyber cafe?
  • a disgruntled employee intentionally erased files or formatted their pc before leaving your company or small business ... the pc with critical information including that key presentation for an important client?
  • you want to prevent the kids from downloading a virus onto the family computer?
  • you want to run a faster, more functional operating system because your PC, Laptop, Netbook just seems so slow?
  • you're a geek and you want a FAST way to run various operating systems or PC tools without installing anything (for example to check out memory, disk space, processor, etc on PCs you maintain)?
  • you can't afford to upgrade your PC again, just to run the latest version of Windows™?
Then YOU need RescueMeUSB™!
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1Your computer must have sufficient memory and support booting from USB.
2In order to install Microsoft® Windows™ you must have your own copy of Windows™; we do not provide that! Please consult Microsoft's documentation and EULA for their terms of use.
*Actual RescueMeUSB device may vary from the one depicted in the images on this site.

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